Blitz Cleaning is the strongest and most thorough form of sanitising beer dispense systems available. Which can rescue and restore your beer lines to their former condition. This is only used by trained beer dispense technicians.

A Blitz clean is recommended in situations where beer dispense systems have been neglected or have been out of service for a period of time.It can also be used as a way of positively returning beer lines to a neutral state, thus optimising product quality and reducing wastage.

All Brewers recommend a Blitz clean, and will offer to provide this service at cost to their accounts.

Pub-Tek provides this special cleaning service as part of our normal range of services to Pubs, Hotels and Clubs.Our prices are very competitive. We offer a personal service tailored to our individual customer requirements.

Because of the amount of time involved in Blitz cleaning we recommend booking well in advance. For further help or information please contact us.

Guardian Beer Line Protection

Is our unique service that helps restore and freshen tainted lines and is an effective treatment for the restoration of dispense systems that have become contaminated with chlorophenol taints, helping to ensure consistent beer quality. Ideal for Caravan Parks, that close down for lengthy periods.